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Whooping Cough (pertussis) on the rise in Jo Co KS

The Johnson County department of Health is reporting 16 new confirmed or suspected confirmed cases of whooping cough in Johnson County since the beginning of 2012.   Whooping cough can kill unprotected babies and in adults causes a severe “100-day” cough.

All of Sunflower’s sites carry the Tdap booster shot to help boost immunity in adults and adolescents.  It can be safely given if it has been more than 2 years since your last tetanus booster.   Make sure if you are around newborns or pregnant women to get your booster shot to protect these innocents.  Parents please immunize your children!   In 2011 TEN infants died from Whooping cough in California!   That is ten too many deaths.

Mission Urgent Care is closed Easter Sunday

For Easter Sunday our Mission Urgent care will be closed. If you need urgent care please use the Heartland Primary Care location on Hutton near the Legends in KCKS.

Also if you have any problems with prescription refills over the weekend please call about it. Because our main servers are down this weekend, we are unable to accept faxes or e-refills from pharmacies. We hope everything will be running smoothly by Monday April 9th. Again please call if you have not had any fax or email response.

The Sunflower Medical Group Is Dedicated to You

At Sunflower Medical Group, you’ll find a group of dedicated doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and support staff who really care about your health. We want to be more than a “doctor’s office”. We want to be your trusted family medical resource. We strive to provide the best medical care, personalized attention and the highest level of customer service. Our spcialties include internal medicine, pediatrics and family practice. Two of our five locations offer Urgent Care clinics with later hours where you can walk in with no appointment whenever you need basic medical attention. Our goal is to be here when you need us to prevent, detect and treat your family’s everyday illnesses.