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Enjoy Our Local Art Gallery When You Visit Our Office

Blue Eyed Grass PhotoWe have remodeled our Mission location and added an unexpected twist – a local art gallery. The new room includes a collection of art created exclusively by local artists. Now patients and the general public can see works of art including drawings, paintings, photographs, sculpture and more. The pieces on display will change periodically to allow the works of many up-and-coming local artists to be seen.

“The changing art brings interest, plus the warm tones we have chosen to use in our newly redecorated space bring an inviting feeling for our patients. I am pleased that we can use our small gallery space to help give local talented artists more exposure. Both our patients and the growing community of artists in Kansas City benefit.

                                                       – Dr. Yvette Crabtree, M.D., FACP


How an Off-the-Wall Idea Ended Up on the Wall

The idea came about when the office was being redesigned and the daughter of one of our doctors, who is an art student, was looking for ways to promote her work. It seemed like a natural fit. Patients would enjoy the artwork and it gives the office an original, upscale, and creative twist. It’s a great way for local businesses to promote local artists and a great example of creative thinking in the workplace.


The Human Machine Was a Fitting First Exhibit

Human Machine - Lungs ArtThe first exhibit fittingly tied art and medicine together with The Human Machine – twelve pieces with a unified concept, medium, and visual style that focus on specific parts of the human body as an automaton’s instead. It is the work of artist Matti Crabtree, (daughter of Dr. Yvette Guislain Crabtree, M.D., FACP). Matti is a student at the Kansas City Art Institute.



Coneflower Photo SummerNature Photography Brings the Peace of the Outdoors Inside

The Human Machine exhibit, which so perfectly kicked off the art gallery opening, was joined by nature photography by Rob Bruce (husband of Rebecca Bruce, D.O., M.B.A.). Rob’s photography depicts peaceful scenes from nature that add an air of tranquility to the office setting.


Local Artists Can Contact Us for Consideration

We would like to keep a steady stream of ever changing art flowing through our gallery to promote more local artists. If you are interested in displaying your work, contact Kerry at or 913-432-2080.