Sunflower Medical in Bonner Springs, KS provides a wide range of medical services including routine and diagnostic testing. Prospective patients can find a family doctor, a primary care physician, or a pediatrician. Sunflower Medical also provides health checkups, flu shots and immunizations. Patients can get all of their care in one place at our clinic and we also have physicians who practice internal medicine on staff.

We Are a Patient-Centered Family Practice

All of our services are patient-centered which means we make the patient and their health care needs our top priority. Sunflower Medical in Bonner Springs is part of a Medical Home initiative certified by the National Center for Quality Insurance who strives to offer:

  • Faster access
  • Evidence-based medical care
  • Electronic medical records
  • Communication with specialists
  • Track hospital and ER visits
  • Keep all information in one place
  • Quality improvement efforts

From Primary Care Physicians to Pediatricians

If there is a need to find a primary care physician, a family doctor, or a pediatrician, prospective patients can contact us at their earliest convenience. We offer health checkups for the whole family including routine immunizations and flu shots. Our internal medicine services include x-rays, EKGs, ultrasounds, lab tests and other types of diagnostic testing.

Our Internal Medicine Physicians Strive to Prevent Sickness

We feel it’s important for people to not to wait until they’re sick to see a doctor. We believe that taking a proactive approach is the best practice when it comes to optimum health. Patients who we see for the first time can expect us to do a thorough exam including a complete medical history. They will also need to bring a list of medications, a vaccination history and a list of specialists they might be seeing. Sunflower Medical in Bonner Springs looks forward to providing for the medical needs of those in this community.