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Patient Center Medical Home

Sunflower Medical Group patient center medical home video.Welcome to your medical home

Patient Centered means you–the patient–are the most important person in the health care system. You are at the center of your health care.

The Medical Home is an approach to providing total health care as certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. This virtual home is a way of coordinating care and proactively involving patients to engage in their healthcare in partnership with their healthcare team. Watch the video to the left to learn what this is all about.

Benefits to you:

  • faster access to care when you need it
  • high quality, evidence based medical care
  • tracking your health information with electronic medical records
  • keeping all your information in one place
  • communicating with specialists if needed to coordinate care
  • tracking hospital visits and emergency room visits
  • continuous quality improvement efforts

Our hope is that we form a partnership to keep you as healthy as possible. We will share our medical expertise with you, and we hope you’ll take responsibility for working toward the healthy lifestyle that is so important to your well-being. It will give us great pleasure to work with you on these goals, either through our own expertise, through other resources we know about, or by referral to other health professionals.

We want everyone to be involved. Everyone who joins our practice should start by choosing a primary care physician. Then come in for a wellness visit with this physician to establish your care. After establishing, you can expect most of your care to be provided by this primary care physician and their associated team of nurses and nurse practitioners to maintain continuity.

We want to help you stay healthy, so it’s important to come in for wellness visits when you are feeling well. Please don’t wait until you are sick to choose a doctor! To effectively serve you we will ask for a complete medical history, family history, list of medications, vaccinations, and a list of your specialists names so that we can have a complete picture of your health and coordinate care effectively.