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Flu Cases on the Rise

Flu cases are coming into urgent care daily now, the flu season is
peaking now in Kansas City! Remember, if you start Tamiflu within 24
hours of the start of the flu, it works much better. If you suddenly
start feeling extremely achey & fatigued, have a headache, chills, fever
and a cough then you might have caught the influenza virus! We carry
the rapid flu test at both our urgent care locations and all the

Yvette Guislain Crabtree,
MD FACP, specializing in Internal medicine
and urgent care medicine.

The Sunflower Medical Group Is Dedicated to You

At Sunflower Medical Group, you’ll find a group of dedicated doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and support staff who really care about your health. We want to be more than a “doctor’s office”. We want to be your trusted family medical resource. We strive to provide the best medical care, personalized attention and the highest level of customer service. Our spcialties include internal medicine, pediatrics and family practice. Two of our five locations offer Urgent Care clinics with later hours where you can walk in with no appointment whenever you need basic medical attention. Our goal is to be here when you need us to prevent, detect and treat your family’s everyday illnesses.