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And the Winner for the Most Popular Question of 2014 is…

If I had to give an award for the “Most Popular” question of 2014, the winner would be:

“How often do I really need to have a pap smear?”

It’s not a surprise, really. The recommendations have changed several times over the years and despite the minor changes most of us have just resigned ourselves to the notion that we will be needing to visit our friendly neighborhood GYN until the end of time, give or take a day or two. From the time we reached puberty, we’ve been told by our mothers, our older sisters, our aunts, and our doctors to have those yearly paps. Nothing new, right?


There are some new recommendations and they apply to all age groups!
Women should have their first pap smear at age 21 (unless they have already been screened and have had an abnormal- sorry!) This is irrespective of whether or not the woman has had sex. THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN IN THE PAST! So, if you are 18 and your mother is trying to drag you into the doctor to have a pap just because she had to have one at age 18- you don’t have to go! Now, if you need to see the GYN for infection testing or birth control or period woes, come on in to the Women’s Clinic in Kansas City, KS. I’m still not going to torture you with a pap. (let me hear that big sigh of relief!)

When should you get a pap?

  • Women in their 20s should have a pap every year or two (we are assuming here, that your first pap was normal…)
  • Ladies 30 and over: If you’ve had at least 3 normal pap smears in a row, we are going to recommend the pap smear every 2-3 years. This doesn’t mean you can skip out on your annual GYN visit- you still need an annual breast exam and pelvic exam- we just don’t have to do the pap.
  • Women over 65 and women who do not have a cervix may not need a pap smear at all, but should check with their doctor regarding their individual recommendations.

So, with the new recommendations, it looks like your next visit to the GYN may be a lot less uncomfortable. It also may mean that we will be finding ways to repurpose those “duck bill” speculums. Wind chimes maybe?

Dr. Lisa Lorenzetti

Women’s Clinic

Dr. O’Laughlin – a Doctor Whose Bedside Manner Inspires Hope and Healing

Photo of Dr. Erin O'Laughlin

Dr. Erin O’Laughlin

We love all of our excellent doctors at Sunflower Medical Group and each brings his or her own expertise and knowledge with them every day to work. But, occasionally, we get a glowing review for a specific doctor and we’d like to share one of those with you in this blog post. Dr. Erin O’Laughlin recently received the review below.

This particular patient suffered an Achilles rupture while performing physical therapy to correct a degenerative disc condition in the lumbar spine. After seeing many doctors who helped him physically, the patient was impressed with how Dr. O’Laughlin made him feel emotionally as well.

Hello! Today I met with Dr. O’Laughlin. The chronic issue in my spine has been a nightmare of doctor visits and I just have to say that she is absolutely the most compassionate, intelligent and attentive practitioners I have been seen by.” The patient continued. “I had become very discouraged on my road to recovery as I felt I had taken a big step backwards in healing. After meeting with her today, I feel like, under her care, I have the will and the much needed support I need to overcome both issues.”

We are very happy when our doctors are able to provide much needed care and make a noticeable difference in a patient’s recovery. We also like to share these glowing reviews with you and give our doctors the recognition they deserve for a job well done. Thanks, Dr. O’Laughlin, for your medical skills and your people skills. Both are very valued here at Sunflower Medical Group.

Dr. Erin O’Laughlin practices the full scope of Family Medicine at our Sunflower Medical Group Mission location. She is available to take new patients, newborn to the elderly, and has specific skills in women’s health. If you would like to make an appointment at our Mission location, call 913-432-2080.

We’ve Got a New Neighbor! DFP Orthopaedic Surgery Opens Satellite Office in Heartland Primary Care Medical Building

Welcome Sign DFP Orthopaedic Our Heartland Primary Care office announces the arrival of a new neighbor – DFP Orthopaedics. Drisko, Fee & Parkins Orthopaedic Surgery has opened a satellite office in our Heartland Primary Care Medical Building. So now, not only can you get great medical care for your primary care and urgent care needs but you will also find orthopaedic care at the same location – 2040 Hutton Road near the Legends shopping area.

No Bones About It – We’re Happy to Have DFP as a Neighbor

After noticing a lack of orthopaedic offices and doctors in the Wyandotte, KS area, DFP Orthopaedic Surgery began looking for a location where they could set up a satellite office. The physicians of Heartland Primary Care welcomed the opportunity to provide easy and convenient access to orthopaedic care for their patients and surrounding community by providing available space in their facility for the DFP Orthopaedic physicians.

Primary Care, Urgent Care & Orthopaedics in the Wyandotte Area

Through this new location, DFP Orthopaedics can better serve their patients in Kansas City, Kansas and nearby areas including Basehor, Bonner Springs, Edwardsville, Lansing, Leavenworth, and Tonganoxie. We know our patients in these areas really appreciate the convenience (especially our urgent care center) and we hope you will benefit from knowing about our new orthopaedic neighbor as well!

Stop in and Feel Better…Right Down to Your Bones

The Heartland Primary Care office, and new DFP satellite office in the Heartland Primary Care Medical Building, are easy to find just off of I-435 and Parallel Parkway on Hutton Road. Come by and see us! To schedule your next appointment, call 816-561-3003 for DFP Orthopaedics or 913-299-3700 for Heartland Primary Care.

Fourth of July 2014

On Friday July 4th, 2014, we are open for urgent care at the Lenexa and KCK locations, from 10 am-2 pm. The Mission urgent care is closed. All regular offices are closed on July 4th, 2014. All urgent cares will be open usual hours on Sat and Sunday July 5th and 6th. Happy Independence Day, USA!

New Web Portal Coming Soon

Good news! Sunflower Medical Group will soon be switching to the more user friendly “Follow My Health” patient portal. This will replace the current Intuit patient portal. The new system will have extra features such as setting preferences for how often you are emailed and setting up text message reminders for appointments. Please keep an eye out for further signup instructions. We look forward to providing all of our patients with a better online experience.

Heartland Primary Care Opens New Medical Office in Lenexa

College Blvd. & Prairie Star Locations Merge at New Location

Sunflower Medical is proud to announce the opening of a new office in Lenexa. Our new Heartland Primary Care location, at 9300 Meadow View Dr., will feature an Urgent Care Location for Lenexa Prairie Star for Heartland Primary Careclinic as well.  This makes our third Urgent Care clinic location including our Kansas City location on Hutton Road and our Sunflower Medical location in Mission on 58th Street.

We recently consolidated our Overland Park location with our new Lenexa location. The Overland Park location on College Blvd. is now closed and the doctors from that location are now at the new Heartland Primary Care building. The new location features four doctors:

Lenexa Location Features New Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic: NOW OPEN

The best news of all for area families may be that the new Heartland Primary Care location offers an Urgent Care Clinic. At our Urgent Care Clinic, there’s no appointment necessary and we offer later hours. Our doctors and nurse practitioners are ready and waiting. It’s ideal when your only other option is the emergency room. We realize that no one ever plans to sprain an ankle, cut themselves or get a concussion. But it happens. And it usually seems to happen after regular doctor’s office hours. We can stitch up wounds, take an x-ray, run a quick lab test and more. Just walk right in and a doctor will see you. We take most insurance plans and we have evening and weekend hours when you need us the most. We’re now open weekdays 8am-5pm, Saturdays 9am-2pm and closed Sundays. We plan to extend hours in the near future as demand increases.

Lobby of New Health Care Building in Lenexa for Family Health located near Praire Star Parkway


  • All ages welcome!
  • Accept most insurance plans
  • Minor stitches, x-rays, and lab work
  • A board-certified physician always availableWaiting Room for Heartland Primary Care in Lenexa, KS near Prairie Star Pkwy.




So if you live in the Lenexa area, spread the word about Sunflower Medical’s new Heartland Primary Care location including an Urgent Care Clinic. We are here to serve you, so call us for a regular appointment or stop by our Urgent Care Clinic with no appointment necessary. We hope we don’t see you there, but if you need us, we stand ready.




Protecting Yourself with Insect Repellents.

According to the Medical Letter on September 17, 2012 there have been increasing cases of West Nile Virus infections (1,993 this year with 87 deaths). A good way to protect yourself is to wear insect repellents when you are going outside to prevent mosquito and tick bites.

Strong repellents such as DEET and Picardin protect the longest up to 6-12 hours. Home treatments like citronella, essential oils, and eucalyptus may be natural but often last less than an hour. Make sure to read the directions to get the best results.

Further information about insect bites and disease prevelence can be found at